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The Ruins Wine Sale

Welcome to The Ruins Wine Sale! Since we have been unable to host events for almost a year, we need to move some of our bottled wine inventory. These wines are all from the Springhouse Cellar label, and this is the last opportunity you'll have to purchase them.


Discounts: There is a discount for red wines, and a HUGE discount for whites, as they are past their ideal selling point. The white wines are still enjoyable and quite tasty. White wines are only available by the case and red wines can be mix-and-matched. 
There is an additional discount when purchasing 6 or more bottles of red: 10% off for 6-11 bottles, 20% off for 12+ bottles.

Shipping: We will gladly ship to anywhere allowable in the U.S., with shipping costs (just the cost of the packing materials and postage) at an additional fee. Please note: We can only ship in quantities of three (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 bottles, etc.)
We would be happy to meet you at The Ruins (formerly Springhouse Cellar) if you'd prefer to save shipping costs and pick it up here.

Purchasing: To make an order or if you have any questions, please email Ryan at The Ruins

Red Wine (Discounts for 6 or 12 bottles)

*Extremely limited quantity

White Wine (by the case only)

*2016 Albarino
2016 Sauvignon Blanc
2016 Riesling
2016 Pinot Gris
$80/case (12 bottles)
$60/case (12 bottles)
$60/case (12 bottles)
$60/case (12 bottles)
2015 Pinot Noir
*2015 Pinot Noir Reserve
*2014 Ruins Red (Super Tuscan Blend)
2013 Sangiovese
*2013 Grenache
Wildwood Red (NV; GSM Blend)
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